Last February, the engineering and product teams from Argentina spent two days working on a specific topic: Create something that adds value to Pluggy. These days were amazing, with a lot of hard work, dedication and having fun.


As a remote startup, in general, we spend most of the time working from home. On this occasion, most of the pluggueiros from Argentina got together at “Pluggy’s house” to start planning on our ideas, it was so cool to be with all the team!

The first step was defining our MVP (Minimum Viable Product), in other words, our version 0, the image below is a funny way to represent it.

In my case, I was developing Recurrent Transactions and my MVP was identifying them in just one bank account.

Even though we had some ideas before starting, we spent the first morning doing the first designs and the plan for the MVP. In retrospect, we should prepare it beforehand for the next one.

After planning, we started working on our ideas, some of us, defining an architecture, others coding or designing!

We spent the day working hard, with some headaches, eating pizza, and finished the day with the GIN o’clock (time to drink some Gin and tonics 🥳🍻).

The second day was a little busier than the first one, trying to finish our projects, and helping each other. In my case, Hipólito helped me to finish the algorithm (Thanks 🚀).

Hackathon Projects

My Pluggy: Mobile application to let users manage the permissions that Pluggy clients have, to make users have full control of their own financial data. Project led by Tomas Milar, Software Engineer and Leader of Developer Experience Team, Agustina Santano, Head of Product and UI/UX designer working on Developer Experience Team, and Maximiliano Caba Software Engineer of Platform Team.

Payment initiation: Make payments between Pluggy’s connectors using Pluggy Connect widget. Project led by Francisco Disalvo, Software Engineer of Platform Team, and Juan Cernadas, Software Engineer of Platform Team.

Pluggy Developer Kit: Tool for Pluggy Engineers to make easier the development of the Connectors. Project led by Hipólito Gomez Cuello, Software Engineer of Platform Team.

Recategorizer: Give a tool to our clients and users to recategorize a transaction to help Pluggy’s categorizer. Project led by Juan Pablo Ottaviano, Software Engineer of Data Enrichment Team.

Recurrent transactions:  Flag transactions that are recurrent, either in days, months, or years. An example could be Netflix, monthly transactions. Project led by me 🥳, Software Engineer of Developer Experience Team.

Wrapping up

At the end of the second day, the idea was to present to the team our MVPs, but we had the surprise of having the presence of the plugguerios from Brasil 🇧🇷💚. They gave feedback about our work and also thought about how this would help to address Pluggy’s mission.

We finished our journey, eating an Asado in Fran’s new house (Thanks! 😋)!

Also, my credits to Fede (CEO) and Gabi (CTO) for covering the whole team these two crazy and amazing days 🥰!

It was my first Hackathon, and it was breathtaking, I learned a lot! Something I will do on the next one will be working with someone that I’m not used to, it’s important for me to share knowledge between teams.

In a few days, the 5th and 6th of May, we will be having our second Hackathon of the year, I’m so hyped! There are new ideas and new pluggueiros on the team!